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Kokomo Library: Becky



Hello! I have worked in various departments and roles for Ivy Tech since 2008. I have done work for grants; tutored students in MOS, Math, and English; and I currently work for Testing Services. I was named the Lead Proctor in 2017 and enjoyed helping the students, my boss, and my co-workers within that role. In 2021, I was made the Manager of Testing Services in Kokomo. I enjoy working with students and managing my awesome team.

I graduated from IUK in 2002 with an Associate's Degree in Business, and I went back to school in 2015 to complete my Bachelor's in Human Resource Management, which I completed in 2016. I can relate to a lot of Ivy Tech students because I completed my bachelor's degree while working, being a wife, being a mother to three active boys, and volunteering in my church. I understand the pressures and challenges of juggling so many important roles, and I commend you for choosing to make your education a priority! We are here to help and to see you succeed! Go Ivy!


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