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Music Resources - Fort Wayne

Free music and audio recordings to enrich learning for all levels, from preschool to college; or just to enjoy


A collection of audio and video recordings of children's songs, rhymes, chants, and games to stream from the British Library.Indexed by Theme (ex. ball games), Title, and Date (1900-2010s). Also includes teaching resources and background articles. 


Children's Songs from the Library of Congress: a small collection presented for kids. An essay on children's songs in American life, with a list of song titles, is here.

Music resources for Teachers

The Singing Classroom on YouTube (free to subscribe): "Songs, games and teaching techniques for elementary music teachers (grades PreK-6) to use in their classrooms. Teachers have tested all content on the site in a wide variety of classrooms to make sure that it is effective and enjoyable for both kids and teachers."