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Printing - Indianapolis

Printing at Ivy Tech

Each student will have a $5 balance in their printing account at the beginning of each semester. The funds will be subtracted from the student's account via their computer login. (It is very important to logout so someone else will not use their account to print.) When the $5 balance is depleted, the student will need to add funds to their printing account at the Bursar’s Office or by credit card on MyIvy. To access it through MyIvy, use the 'Printing' subcategory in the Information Technology topic under the Browse Topics list.

Printing is set to default to double-sided at black and white printer.

  • Black / White single page: $.05 per page
  • Black / White double-sided: $.07 per sheet
  • Color Printing single page: $.30 per page.
  • Color Printing double-sided: $.45 per sheet

Wireless Printing at Ivy Tech Libraries

You can now print from your own device without downloading a driver using wireless printing at Ivy Tech libraries! Follow the steps below for quick and easy access to your print jobs.

  1. You may access wireless printing in two ways. Sign in to your MyIvy account and on the Homepage select the Browse Topics tab at the top. Click on Information Technology and look for the Subcategories box on the right. Select Printing and then the box titled Wireless Printing.
  2. Or go to using your computer or mobile device and login using your MyIvy username and password. Mobile users - make sure you are connecting via the wireless network and not your data plan.
  3. Upload the document you need printed by clicking on the upload button in the upper right area of the screen and navigating to your document. You must have the document downloaded to your device in order to print it.
  4. Select your document.
  5. Prior to printing you can preview what you have sent to the printer, see how many pages you have sent, how many pieces of paper will print, and how much the print job will cost you.
  6. Check your available printing funds at the bottom left of the page. If you need to add more money to your account, you can add it using the link at the bottom of the page. 
  7. Choose your print options. The default is set to print double-sided, you will need to change this if you wish to print on only one side of the paper.
  8. Choose a printer by clicking on the search box in the bottom right hand corner. Each campus has different printer names, check below to see what to search for.

Indianapolis Campus Printers

Typing HILP in the search box should bring up these options.

HILP-110-X5890 – Black and White

HILP-110-X7970 – Color or Black and White

Lawrence Campus Printers

Typing HLFP-168 into the search box should bring up these options:

HLFP-168-X5955 - Black and White Does not work for wireless printing!

HLFP-168-X7845 - Color