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Internationalization-Math - Bloomington

Dr. Carmen Paniagua

This Internationalization-Math project was created by Dr. Carmen Paniagua at the Ivy Tech Bloomington Campus.  You may contact her at

Vision:  Math is a language that connects humans around the world and is a useful tool to help us understand different cultures, countries, and regions.

Mission:  Math education through internationalization can create students that embrace global and intercultural perspectives. This Math project’s intention is to guide students to learn and reflect on their own place in the world while allowing them to make connections with communities locally, nationally, and globally. Connecting mathematical definitions, properties, and rules with diverse perspectives on global issues, trends, and systems can assist students in making inferences on different aspects of the world. By preparing students to have the attitudes, knowledge and skills they can become globally and intercultural successful citizens.

Carmen's QR code Math throughout Internationalization

"Internationalization describes processes that lead to enhancing the international, global, or intercultural dimensions of an institution or system." Christa L. Olson, Madeleine F. Green, and Barbara A. Hill in A Handbook for Advancing Comprehensive Internationalization: What Institutions Can Do and What Students Should Learn.

Letters and Gifts from Our Friends Around the World

At the beginning of this project in 2017, Dr. Paniagua contacted several embassies and extended an invitation to participate.  Over the course of several semesters, many embassies responded with personalized letters and donations for our campus library.  Click on the tabs above to see some of the letters and donations we received.

Artifacts in the display window shown below are from Dr. Paniagua's Fulbright-Hays trip abroad to Africa.  For more information, click on the Fall 2023 tab.

African artifacts in display window


Items from Benin, on loan from Ivy Tech faculty

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A book of poems by Bulgarian poet Hristo Botev

Hat from Burkina Faso, a gift from the Embassy

Artifacts from China

Artifacts from China were loaned from the IU East Asian Studies Center

National Geographic Travel Guide to Colombia

Papyrus and a scarf from Egypt, on loan from Ivy Tech faculty

Poster from Finland

Clothing and items from Ghana, on loan from Ivy Tech faculty

Items from India, on loan from Ivy Tech faculty

Letter from Israel and Let There Be Water

Artifacts from Japan

Artifacts from Japan were loaned from the IU East Asian Studies Center

Artifacts from Korea

Artifacts from Korea were loaned from the IU East Asian Studies Center

Lesotho Review and A Guide to Establishing a Tourism Business in Lesotho

Children of Siberia and The History of Lithuania

Items from Malawi, on loan from Ivy Tech faculty

Republic of Moldova Travel Guide: Discover the Routes of Life, Moldova


Clothing from Nigeria, and music from many African countries, on loan from the IU African Studies Program

Tolerance and Compassion: Henrik Wergeland and His Legacy

Travel materials about the Philippines

100 Portuguese Books of the 20th Century &
The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes

Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators: Their Contributions to America and the World
By: Edward Gobetz

Artifacts from South Africa, on loan from the IU African Studies Program

Poster from Spain

Poster from Spain

Symmetrical necklaces from Swaziland, on loan from the IU African Studies Program

Swiss Ambassador Happy Lilly has arrived at Ivy Tech in Bloomington!
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or on Twitter @HappyLilly_

Artwork from Tanzania, on loan from the IU African Studies Program