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NRSG 127 - Movie Analysis Paper

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General Resources for NRSG 127 Movie Analysis Paper

This guide is created for the Nursing 127 Movie Analysis Paper. Use the links at the left to explore resources for the project including: 

  • APA (American Psychological Association) paper templates and example citations.
  • Help with writing an analysis style paper.
  • Links to Library Resources: DSM-5-TR, PsychArticles, and Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection and more. 
  • Sample Keywords and Research Strategy Help.

Paper Requirements

From your NRSG 127 Paper assignment, follow these steps for success: 

  • Pick a movie from the approved list provided by your instructor OR choose a movie that depicts a mental illness and get it approved by your instructor.
  • Watch the movie and note: 
    • How is the mental illness portrayed? Accuracy
    • How was the character(s) treated? Treatment 
    • Pick one of the following to address: 
      • How were the doctors/therapists depicted? Professional Ethics
      • How was the illness misrepresented? Stigma 
      • Did the movie change your (or any characters) mind about mental illness? Attitude Change
  • If needed, do additional research on the mental illness using Library Resources.
  • Use your notes to write a 4 paragraph paper (Introduction, Accuracy, Treatment, One other point) using the APA Paper Template created for this assignment.  
  • Cite your resources! Make sure to include in-text citations in the body of your paper and a list of References at the end.