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ALI Refugee Resettlement Resources

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About this Guide

In 2022 Information Literacy Committee of the Academic Libraries of Indiana developed this resource to support the Indiana refugee (and humanitarian parole) population through education to the general public on the refugee / resettlement process and the cultures of Indiana’s refugees.


  • Create a list of resources that could be used by refugees and those that work with them for refugee incorporation into general society.
  • Create a guide designed for use by public libraries and Indiana citizens to address common misconceptions and provide useful resources including fiction and nonfiction.
  • Create a guide for use by K12 school librarians and media center specialists that would include quality sources for the classroom to share with faculty.
  • Create a list of curated academic resources, specifically resources for faculty working with refugee students.

Project Team Members:

  • Eric Bradley, PALNI/Goshen College
  • Andrew Misler, Ball State University
  • Erica McFardland, Ivy Tech
  • Willie Baer, University of Notre Dame
  • Rachel Fundator, Purdue University
  • Yan He, Indiana University Kokomo
  • Lisa Jarrell, Ball State University
  • Kelli Herm, IUPUI
  • Sally Neal, Butler University
  • Catherine Pellegrino, St. Mary's College
  • Shane White, University of Southern Indiana
  • Jeff Wimble, IUPUC
  • Dr. Jennifer Erickson, Ball State