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Anderson Library

Library Polices


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  • May I have food or drink in the library?
    Check local campus rules for food and drink.
  • Is my cell phone allowed in the library?
    When in the Library, please have your phone off or put on vibrate mode.  Make and take all phone conversations outside the library.
  • Questions?
    If you need assistance finding information for assignments, use Ask-a-Librarian to submit a question, check FAQs, or contact a librarian.

Reserves - Textbooks

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  • Does the library have the textbooks for my classes?
    Some, but not all, textbooks are on reserve for short-term use in the library. Check with a librarian to see if we have one for your class.
  • Can textbooks on reserve be checked out?
    Materials kept on reserve may not leave the library. They are for short-term in-library use only.

Computers and the Internet

  • What is MyIvy, and how do I find out what my username and password are?
    MyIvy is Ivy Tech Community College's student portal for email, course registration, grades, transcripts, online payments, class communication, college events and other student services. 
  • Does the library have computers with Internet?
    Yes. The computer stations in the campus libraries are reserved for students doing course-related library research, writing course papers, and doing other coursework.
  • Can I use a computer if I'm not an Ivy Tech student, faculty, or staff member?
    Non-student computer users are limited to one 60-minute computer session per day, and the campus libraries may have designated computers especially assigned for non-student use. Members of the local community may use the computers as long as there are workstations available for Ivy Tech students. 
  • Do I need a special login to use the library's computers?
    Yes. To log onto the computers in the library, you need to use the same username and password that you use for MyIvy. Off-campus access to library resources also requires your MyIvy username and password.    
  • How do I print from the computers? 
    When you send your print job to the printer, a box will appear displaying the number of pages and the cost to print the job. Always check this information before you click the OK. The print system is defaulted to print double-sided and black and white pages. Consult Library staff for printing assistance.
  • Are color printouts available?
    Yes, but you may need to change the default printer to a color-capable printer.
  • Does the library have a fax machine for student use?
    No. The library does have a "Scan to email" option available for student use. This allows students to create and email a PDF copy of documents, which can often serve the same purpose.
  • How do I connect to the library homepage, catalog and databases from home?
    Log into MyIvy and select the Library link on the left column. The library website should appear.


  • Can I donate books or other materials to the library?
    Donations of recently published books or videos that meet the information needs of Ivy Tech students, faculty, and staff are always appreciated. Please see a librarian for more information on how to make a donation.
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