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APA 7th Edition Overview

APA Basics, Formatting, In-Text Citations, References page

Why do I need Online Databases?


Paid for by the library so you have free access to scholarly information.

Content is evaluated for authority and accuracy.

Information is stable.

In short, you should use library databases to quickly find relevant scholarly information you can use in research papers or other course projects. 

What do I use Online Databases for?

What do I use online databases for?

Online databases can be used to find many resources you can use in research papers and other course projects including images, articles, e-books, and reference materials.Online databases offer users access to thousands of books, magazine articles, images, charts and primary sources. These databases contain scholarly and peer-reviewed articles written by credible authors, such as journalists, researchers and experts in their field. Since databases provide powerful search tools for narrowing results, users are able to more quickly find the information they need.

Online Databases

Where do I find databases?

Click here for an A-Z list of the library's databases.


Credo General Reference

CREDO Reference

Offering 525 highly-regarded titles from over 70 publishers, Credo Reference covers every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference.  Over 20 well-respected titles are included in the subject of Art.

Includes Bridgeman Images: The Bridgeman Art Library, a unique and comprehensive collection of art masterpieces of all varieties: historical, European, Asian, American, and more.



JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.