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Stress, Anxiety, and Mindfulness

Resources for alleviating stress and anxiety and increasing mindfulness.


Dealing with Stress


"Nobody realizes  that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." ~ Albert Camus

Stress, anxiety, depression . . . these almost seem to be the watchwords for this era of COVID-19. What many don't realize is there are people everywhere who live with stress, anxiety, and depression on a daily basis, without a break,  for most of their lives without the added pressure of a pandemic, economic upheaval, and civic unrest. Learning to cope with stress and anxiety when the causes are not so crystal clear takes more strength than "normal" people are used to expending. This guide provides resources to help anyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or any of the feelings in the above illustration.


e-Books on Stress, Anxiety, and Mindfulness

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