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Do you have one of these?

Flash drive

It's called many things: jump drive, thumb drive, travel drive, USB drive, and flash drive, to name a few. Whatever you call it, get one as soon as possible.  Keep it with you at all times and use it! As soon as you start a new project, save your work to your jump drive, and keep saving as you work.  It will save much time and grief if something happens to your work and you haven't saved it.  These drives are not expensive.  Often you can find them on sale for less than $10.

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Cloud Storage

Backing up your paper in more than one place is essential! Flash drives fail. Hard drives fail. So use cloud storage too - here are free options.

Google Drive: All Ivy Tech students have a Google Drive account attached to their Ivy Tech email account, which allows you to store, edit, and create documents in the cloud. You can share them with other people by granting editing or read-only access.  

Access by opening the Chrome browser, and log in using your Ivy Tech email credentials. Click on the grid icon in the extreme left of the browser bar (top of screen) and choose Google Drive. (You can also create a personal Gmail account and get limited access to Google Drive for free; or pay for more access.)

Once you have your account set up, download the Google Drive App from your app store. Open the app, and log in using the credentials of the account you want to access. You will be able to read and download files. If you edit a file within the browser, it will be converted to the Google document format. Your original file remains. 

DropBox: Offers free access to cloud storage and premium access for a fee. It can be more secure than Google Drive, if you are careful about sharing your access keys. Find the DropBox App for iOS or Android at your app store.

You cannot work with files inside the free version of DropBox. You must upload them and download them. The people you share a file with can also download it. 

OneDrive: Microsoft's free cloud storage for documents in MS Office formats. Allows access within your browser to read and edit documents even if you don't have MS Office installed. Share documents on any device. iOS, Android.


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