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Sociology 111 - South Bend-Elkhart

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1. Open Word, type apa in the search box, then press ENTER on your keyboard.






3. Double-click the top of the paper to open the header (1).  Click on SHORTEN TITLE (2) to highlight that section.



4. Press CAPS LOCK on your keyboard and enter the title of your paper.  To close the header, either double-click in the header (1) or click the CLOSE HEADER box (2).


5.  Click ADD TITLE HERE and enter the title of your paper.  The text should be typed normally, not in all capital letters.


6. Enter your name.



7. Enter the name of your college.



8. Delete everything in the document below your college name, from the title page...



9. the text at the top of page 4.



10. Now REFERENCES should be page 2 of your document.  Highlight everything on pages 4-5 and DELETE.


11. Now you have just the title page and REFERENCES and are ready to start typing your paper.