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Sociology keywords.

Below are links to databases that cover current topics and controversial issues—each providing an objective overview, background information, current context, key facts, and arguments for and against the issue.

Not sure what issue or topic you’re looking for? No problem! You can browse through a list of topics that are currently trending (just look at the top of each database’s homescreen), or you can search for issues by subject/category (e.g., censorship, animal welfare, immigration, foreign policy, family issues, society & culture, etc.).

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Presents controversial topics and social issues with pros and cons articles, topic overviews, primary documents, academic journal and newspaper articles, court case overviews, statistical tables, charts, graphs, podcasts, web sites, and images.

Issues & Controversies

Provides articles giving both sides of an issue, as well as key facts, history, current context, and resources to help you continue your research (such as citations to other sources and a list of keywords to add to your search terms).

Points of View Reference Center

Presents multiple sides of an issue by first providing you with an objective overview (including a description of the issue and background information to put it into context), followed by the arguments for and against it.

CQ Researcher

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