Asian Pacific American Heritage: Burmese American Community Institute

Ivy Tech & the Burmese Community

Naw Assumpta with Ivy Tech Titans mascot

Naw Assumpta with Tony the Titan
(Fort Wayne campus mascot)

Did you know that the Burmese community in Indianapolis, IN has been called the largest Burmese community outside of Burma?

It is believed that there are about 24,000 Burmese living in the Indianapolis area. Fort Wayne also has a considerable Burmese population, with approximately 10,000 Burmese residents.

Ivy Tech is proud of its relationship with the Burmese community and has featured the stories of several of its Burmese students in the past. Here are a few select examples:

Burmese American Community Institute Logo

The Burmese American Community Institute, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, is an organization that advocates for the rights and the well-being of Burmese Americans, as well as other Asian American groups and immigrants in general.

BACI is a large and very active organization that offers assistance in many areas, including naturalization, civic and community engagement, cultural education, employment, college readiness, technical assistance for churches and small businesses, and much more!

See below for additional information about BACI, including relevant links. You can also click the logo above to be taken to BACI's homepage.

We would like to thank Mr. Elaisa Vahnie, Executive Director of BACI, for his gracious permission to include this information about the organization.

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