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Careers - Central Indiana: Career Exploration

Career Information and Exploration!

Career Exploration

Occupational Research

Things to look for: History of the profession, Nature of the Work, Training & Education, Future Employment outlook, Wages & Earnings

Best Places to Start

Occupational Outlook Handbook

For hundreds of different types of jobs—such as teacher, lawyer, and nurse—the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you: the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions.


Tools to help job seekersstudentsbusinesses and career advisor
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor

Indiana Career Explorer

Indiana Career Explorer is an easy online tool available to all Hoosiers to explore their career interests and skills. You can identify occupations, establish educational strategies and ultimately connect to employers

Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs is a listing of the 50 fastest growing, high-wage jobs of tomorrow. The Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs are ranked on wages and demand in 2020 for the state of Indiana.