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History - Bloomington: Reserves

Primary Sources

The Captive - Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

See also, The Skulking Way of War by Patrick M. Malone, on reserve in the Library.

The Journal of Charlotte L. Forten

See also, America's Reconstruction:People and Politics after the Civil War by Eric Foner, on reserve in the Library.

From the Deep Woods to Civilization

Irish Immigration to the United States - Stephen Byrne

See also, Boston Immigrants, 1790-1880 by Oscar Handlin, on reserve in the Library.

The Gospel of Wealth - Andrew Carnegie

See also, The Robber Barons: the great American capitalists, 1861-1901 by Matthew Josephson, on reserve in the Library.

The Battle of Little Bighorn An Eyewitness Account

See also Cavalier in Buckskin by Robert M. Utley, on reserve in the library.

Other Readings

Other readings available on reserve in the Library include:

  • Prompt & Utter Destruction: Truman and the Use of Atomic Bombs Against Japan - J. Samuel Walker
  • The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb (1945) - by Henry L. Stimson