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Design Technology - Columbus

Architecture Books at the Library - Print

This is not an exhaustive list of architecture books that the University Library of Columbus has for you to check out, but it will give you an idea of a few of the books that we do own.

Finding Print Books

Students can access the library's catalog by clicking on ULCAT provided below:

  • IUCAT and IvyCat- Searches for books in the University Library of Columbus, which includes both Ivy Tech and IUPUC materials.  Ivy Tech and IUPUC materials may be checked out using a valid library card.

When you have located a book that you believe will be helpful to your research, write down the book's title, author, and call number (location).  Do not hesitate to ask a library staff member if you need help finding the book.



If you prefer to browse the shelves to find books that you might be interested in, then here are the call numbers (location) in the library for the section on architecture.


  • NA      1 - 9428    Architecture
  • NA   190 - 1614    History. Historical monuments
  • NA 2695 - 2793   Architectural design and drawing
  • NA 2835 - 4050   Architectural details, motives, decoration, etc. 
  • NA 4100 - 8480   Special classes of buildings
  • NA 9000 - 9428   Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautification


Finding E-books

Students have access to books through our ebooks system, which includes both NetLibrary and Ebrary.  Use the searchbar below to find out what is available as an ebook.  This is especially helpful for students who take online classes or for students who are are not at the library.  You might want to try search terms, such as architecture or building design.

Search for e-books ONLY

Architecture Books at the Library - Electronic