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My First College Paper (MLA) - South Bend-Elkhart: MLA Formatting

This guide is for anyone, whether this is your first college paper or you just need a refresher course!

MLA Paper Formatting

Here are the general formatting guidelines for MLA papers.

  • Size 12 font
  • Times New Roman or Arial fonts
  • Double space the entire paper
  • Only use one space after all punctuation
  • Use 1" margins all the way around your paper
  • Page numbers should be in the top right-hand corner after your last name
  • Top left-hand corner should have the information in this order: Your name, instructor's name, course name, date
  • Title should be centered in regular font and size 

*If you are ever unsure about how your paper should be formatted, ask your instructor.



Which is Better?

Which paper format do you think is easier to use?

Which is Better?
MLA: 9 votes (81.82%)
APA: 2 votes (18.18%)
Chicago/Turabian: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 11