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Nursing Annotated Bibliography: Peer-Reviewed Articles

Search Tips

  • Many of the databases contain a mix of popular and scholarly journals. Most databases will have a box you can mark to limit your result to only scholarly sources.
  • Check the article type. Many scholarly journals will include editorials and book and film reviews that should not be used as research sources.

Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources

Here are a few ways to distinguish Popular sources from Scholarly ones.


  • Written by professionals/academics in a particular field of study for other professionals/academics
  • Longer, will include citations, and be more technical
  • Some are vetted by peer review committees befor publication
  • Examples: American Journal of Nursing, New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA,

Popular Sources

  • Written by journalists for the general public
  • May have lots of pictures and advertisements
  • Articles are generally shorter and will have few, if any, citations
  • Examples: Nutrition Action Health Letter, Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, Time; Newsweek