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Faculty Center - Southern Indiana: Faculty Support

How Can the Library Help Faculty?

Keeping up-to-date on available research resources and how to use them will  facilitate your own research in addition to making it easier to answer your students' questions.

If you are pursuing a degree or researching for publication, the library staff can assist you with your research. 

Faculty Collaboration

We always welcome feedback from faculty and opportunities to collaborate with them.

Faculty please feel free to come to us with suggestions or ideas for classroom materials that are related to the library.  Some examples of possible items are:

  • LibGuides
  • Presentation topics
  • Ivy Learn modules

Faculty Questions and Support

I am glad meet with you for one-on-one training on a variety of topics that will help you to assist students as well as in your own research.  Training topics can include: 

Constructing Search Terms:  Tips and tricks for finding what you need that we don't have time to cover in a class presentation. 

Databases: The Library subscribes to hundreds of databases covering a wide variety of topics and formats.  Librarians can familiarize you with the databases appropriate for your field or research project. 

Noodletools: Noodletools is software that helps students cite sources in proper MLA and APA formats.   It also allows instructors to view and comment on students' citations in Noodletools.

Contact Director of Library Services, Marie White at;  812-246-3301  ex.4225

Purchase Requests

Think the Library should offer a specific book, DVD, or other material?  Want the Library to offer more materials in a certain topic area but aren't sure what's out there?

Please contact Director of Library Services Marie A. White at; 812-246-3301 to request that the Library purchase materials to support your curriculum.