Printing Account

The printing process for Ivy Tech students differs from that of IUPUC students. Each semester Ivy Tech students' printing balance starts out at $5.00. If students use all their print money before the semester's end, they can either go to the Bursar's Office in Polling Hall and pay cash to put more money on their account or they can add money through MyIvy. (Note: Students must specify that they want to add money to the account for printing in the CLC)

To add print money through MyIvy, students will need to do the following:

  • Logon to MyIvy
  • Click Students (on the vertical navigation menu to the left)
  • Click Student Dashboard
  • Click Pay for Printing on right side menu

Printer Names

There are 3 printers that Ivy Tech students can choose to print to in the library. They are as follows:

Black & White

  • Ivy Tech CL-LC-LibraryNorth-SP9100DN
  • Ivy Tech CL-LC-LibrarySouth-SP9100DN
  • Ivy Tech CL-LC-LibraryColor-SPC831DN