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If you are looking for print and electronic books available to you at the Ivy Tech Columbus campus, consider searching IvyCat, the University Library's online catalog. You can search by title, author, or keyword, etc. Be sure to scroll down to Location and select Columbus to narrow your results to the Columbus campus only. 

If you don't find what you are looking for when narrowing the location, please feel free to select all locations. If another Ivy Tech Library has something you want, we can help you request it for free. 


Since we share an academic with IUPUC, some of their resources are also available to Ivy Tech students. If you would like to see what print books they have available, consider using their library catalog - IUCAT

To limit your search to the Columbus campus in IUCAT, first open the catalog and then do the following:

  • Click on Advanced Search below the main search box.
  • When the Advanced Search opens, look to the right and click on the menu entitled Campus.
  • Check the box for Columbus.
  • Then fill out the search boxes to the left to search by title, author, etc.