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Policies- Evansville Library: Library Use

Library Behavior

Patron Conduct: Library patrons will act in an appropriate manner and maintain a quiet atmosphere appropriate for a learning environment. Cell phones will be kept on silent or vibrate, and no cell phone conversations are allowed in the library. Patrons violating this policy or otherwise acting in a disruptive manner may be asked to leave the library. Ivy Tech policy prohibits the use of college computers to access graphic pornography and doing so may result in loss of library privileges. 

Noise Level: The library needs to be quiet at all times since this is a place for reading and studying. It is impossible to keep it completely quiet all of the time, but  we do ask that you keep conversations quiet, and that you use headphone if you are listening to music or videos.

 Food & Drink: Eating is not permitted in the library. Drinks with lids are permitted.  Notify library staff of spills immediately.

Children in the Library

All persons are welcome in the library.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct and safety of persons under their care. We require that a parent or guardian accompany children at all times.  College policy states:

Due to insurance and security purposes, children are not allowed to be on Ivy Tech property without direct supervision by parent or guardian. Children are not allowed in classrooms unless through the expressed consent of the instructor.

Study Rooms

The library has three study rooms.  All three rooms have at least one computer.  Rooms two and three have adjustable computer stations and all three have a table that will seat 6, though there may be restrictions on how many are allowed in a room at a time.  Each room also has a whiteboard.  Webcams, microphones, headphones, and dry erase markers are available for check out at the front desk.       

The study rooms are to be used for virtual classes or group study.  Individuals that have reserved a room for solo studying may be asked to give up the room for students needing to take proctored tests, a virtual class, or for groups that need to study. 

The study rooms are kept locked.  Please check in with front desk staff to be allowed in for your reserved time period.   

When using the rooms please observe the following rules and courtesies:   

  1. Masks are required if there are two or more people in a room.  If masks are not worn library staff will require you to give up the room. 
  2. No food or snacks are allowed in the room. Patrons with food or snacks will be asked to leave the room.   
  3. Drinks are permitted.  Notify staff in case of any spills.   
  4. Do not leave items unattended in the study rooms.  Unattended items will be removed from the rooms and given to Security.  Items will be considered unattended if there is no one in the room for more than 15 minutes.   
  5. The rooms are not soundproof.  Please keep voices down and if you need to watch a video, please consider using headphones.