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Child Growth and Development

Print and Electronic Books


Recommended Search Terms

infant or child development

infant child care

cross-cultural studies

parent and infant

child rearing





family relations


ethnic groups


Evaluating Websites

When using internet sources in a research project it is important to take critical look at the website you are using and to determine if it contains reliable information.  Look for the following when evaluating websites.

Authority- Does the site have an author or sponsoring organization that is qulified and knowledgeable about the topic you are researching?

Accuracy- Is the information on the site correct?  You may need to have a second source to fact check against if you are not sure. 

Currency- Is the website up to date?  Look for copyrights or the date the site was last updated to make sure you are not getting old data.

Objectivity- Is the Information on the site biased?  Look for ads, editorial writings, or other indications that the site is meant to sway the audience to a particular point of view.

Coverage- How comprehensive is the site?  Look to see if the the purpose or goals of the site are clearly given.  Make sure they are not promoting a particular product or ideology.