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COMM 101: Fundamentals of Public Speaking - Indianapolis

Communication 101: Fundamentals of Public Speaking


COMM 101: Fundamentals of Public Speaking prepares students with the skills for effective public speaking. The COMM 101 Library Research Guide shows step-by-step how to find materials for speeches using Credo Reference, the Discover! Search tool, and Opposing Viewpoints. 

Use the links at the left to explore this guide. You will find: 

  • ‚ÄčExamples of Speech Outlines
  • Resources for Informative Speeches
  • Resources for Persuasive Speeches
  • Presentation Options
  • Speech Examples
  • Citation Resources

On this page you will find information on evaluating resources, delivery skills, body language, communication theory, listening skills, and quotation resources. 

Information Literacy - Evaluating Resources

The library provides self-paced tutorials that can help you understand what to look for when evaluating resources.