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Evaluate Resources - Indianapolis

Evaluate Your Sources


Evaluating Documents

Use the following questions to help you evaluate documents:

  • What type of document is it?
  • When was the document written?
  • What is the author's name and credentials?  
  • What are the author's opinion and beliefs? Could these have influenced his/her writings?
  • What is the document's main points?
  • What is the document's tone?
  • What is the reason the document was created?
  • Did the author want to inform or persuade others? Are there any words that lead you to believe that the author is biased?
  • What was the document's purpose?
  • Was it intended for a large or small audience?
  • Who is the intended/likely audience?


Evaluation Websites

  Journal Links

Compare these two publications.
(View this Tutorial to learn how to search within a particular journal in EBSCO.)