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Early Childhood Education: Issues in Education


Here are some ideas for topics and resources you may find helpful if you have an assignment which requires you to choose and discuss an issue in the field of education.

Examples of Issues in Education

  •  Education of Children who are identified as “Special Needs”
  •  Education of Children who are identified as “Gifted and Talented”
  •  Project-based Learning /Teacher-Centered
  •  No Child Left Behind
  •  Charter Schools
  •  Homeschooling
  •  School Violence (such as bullying prevention programs, zero tolerance)
  •  First Amendment Rights of Students (such as freedom of speech, dress, privacy)
  •  Multicultural Education
  •  Intelligent Design/Evolution in Public Schools
  •  Sex Education
  •  Mental and physical health of students
  •  Bilingual Education
  • Merit Pay for Teachers
  • School Funding
  • Classroom size
  • The effect of family issues and poverty on education


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