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Lafayette 3.0: Lafayette Home

Campus Library--and all Ivy Tech physical campus buildings--are closed until further notice; see: for more info.  Electronic library resources remain available; don't hesitate to use our Ask a Librarian service!  (Do you have books checked out?  All late fines incurred during the closure will be waived.)

Use Discover! above or the resources below to get the information you need for assignments.

New Books

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring Available from the Learning Resource Center (LRC):

Dear Students, we have created an Organization in IvyLearn that will house all of the tutoring information for the rest of this semester. As we move to virtual meetings, we have established Zoom tutoring rooms for math and science. These rooms will be available for you to log in and work with other students. Faculty and peer tutors will also log in and be available to work with. The Zoom links and the tutor schedules will be posted in this Org. If you are interested in joining this Org, please email Donna Macy at and she will add you to the Org. You will then be emailed an invitation to join. Once you accept the invitation, the Peer Tutors Organization – Lafayette will appear in your dashboard in IvyLearn. We will continue to create resources to help support you during this transition to virtual learning.

Ask a Librarian

Yes! Our website has changed! 
The former website is here.

New and Trial Databases

New: Health Reference Series Online

Omnigraphics Health Reference Series online is an invaluable medical resource that will give users the confidence they need to confront medical concerns. These topical books are designed for consumers and their health care providers.