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Use Discover! above or the resources below to get the information you need for assignments.

Featured Books

Kind Folks Finish First (ebook)

"...weaves practical business lessons with fresh perspectives on how you can achieve success. The ideas in this book are backed by the author's personal experience building a nearly $200-million business rooted in kindness, reciprocity, and deeply held values."

Our changing menu: climate change and the foods we love and need (ebook)

"...unpacks the increasingly complex relationships between food and climate change. Whether you're a chef, baker, distiller, restaurateur, or someone who simply enjoys a good pizza or drink, it's time to come to terms with how climate change is affecting our diverse and interwoven food system."

Star-spangled banner: the unlikely story of America's national anthem (ebook)

"...examines the history of the song through the generations that followed the War of 1812, the kinds of Americans who rallied behind the song, and the successful lobbying effort that in 1933 convinced Congress to adopt the music and four stanzas as our official national anthem."

Understanding semiconductors: a technical guide for non-technical people (ebook)

"From the origins of the semiconductor industry right up until today, this book serves as a technical primer to semiconductor technology. Spanning design and manufacturing to the basic physics of electricity, it provides a comprehensive base of understanding from transistor to iPhone."

The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People : 15 Minute Brain Science Hacks to a More Connected and Satisfying Life.

" to build habits that fill our lives with joy and satisfaction. "


Virtual and in-person tutoring are available!  

We have created an Organization in IvyLearn that houses all of the tutoring information for the Lafayette campus. We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects, with both virtual and in-person options. You can find tutor schedules for both types of tutoring on the Org, which also holds the Zoom tutoring rooms for math, science, writing, and more. These rooms will be available for you to log in and work with tutors and your fellow students. 

In addition to schedules, Zoom links, and contact info, the Org contains resources for your success posted by our tutors. 

If you are interested in joining the Org, please email Emily Brown at and she will add you to the Org. You will then be emailed an invitation to join. Once you accept the invitation, the Virtual Tutoring Organization–Lafayette will appear in your dashboard in IvyLearn. 

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