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Marion Library

For Faculty

Request a library instruction session

Yes! A librarian can come to your classroom and provide instruction that covers research skills and library resources. The sessions can be customized to offer course and assignment specific guidance.

Consider this when requesting a session:

Your presence is requested.  When instructors remain with their classes during library sessions, students are more involved.  The learning experience is enhanced when instructors are available for questions and clarifications.

Give at least one week’s notice: The library staff needs time to prepare for instructional sessions.

Library instruction is more meaningful for students when it is relevant to their current course assignments.  Please make sure students have a clear understanding of their course assignments before attending library instruction sessions. Ideally, library instruction should be scheduled close to the time students begin working on their research-related assignments.

If you can, provide library staff with your written instructions for specific course assignments.  This helps us prepare for library instruction and allows us to meet the specific information needs of your students. We also appreciate any specific information about assignments your students are working on, your expectations, special needs, or particular resources you would like us to include.

Resources and reserves

How do you find what resources the library has?

The library's website can be accessed multiple ways. If you log onto MyIvy, you can click on the library link on the left, and the Library website should open. 

Our website can also be accessed directly in IvyLearn. Click on the Library tab in the upper right and it will take you to the main page. Select Marion from the list of locations, and you'll be at our page.

The A to Z Resources option offers links to all our resources, broken down into groups by type of material and by subject. The Ask-a-Librarian link is for students to submit research questions.


Faculty can place items in the library on reserve for their students. Reserve items can be used in the library but not taken out, which ensures all students have access.

To place an item on reserve contact library staff. 

  • let them know the item to be reserved
  • the course it will be held for
  • and for how long. 

We can also place material on reserve provided by the instructor. Bring the material you want to have on reserve, and we will make it available to students to use in the library. 

Ivy Tech Community College Libraries, 2023