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English 111 Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

Listed below are some guidelines to follow for Vesna Tanaskoski's English 111 Annotated Bibliography.

1. Topic must be a debatable subject. 

2. Five sources must be used for this project.  

3. The sources to be used are databases, print books, and e-books. Databases are the preferred source.

4.  Recommended databases are: Academic Search Complete, Issues and Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, and Points of View Reference.

5. Use APA or MLA format for the annotated bibliography.

6.  Refer to your instructor's guidelines for creating your annotated bibliography.

Definition of Annotated Bibliography

What is an Annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations (format APA or MLA) for sources that will be used in the research paper.  Each citation is followed by a paragraph or two (the annotation) that summarizes and evaluates the source and informs the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of sources cited.

Included in the annotated bibliography are:

Citation: Cite each source as you would in an MLA Works Cited page or an APA Reference Page.  Put the citations in alphabetical order.

Summary: Briefly describe the source.  A summary involves shortening the material to get to the main points.  Answer the question, "What is this source about?" for your readers.

Evaluation: Write a critical commentary of the source answering questions such as the ones listed below.

*What is good about this source? What is lacking?

*Who is the author?  What re their credentials?

*Is the source scholarly or popular?

*Is the source a primary or secondary source?

*Is the information factual and align with other works on the same topic?

*Is this source current and relevant

*How does this source compare to others that you have found?

*How will this source be used in your paper and aid along your argument/claim?