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English 111 Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

Listed below are some guidelines to follow for English 111 Annotated Bibliography.

1. Topic must be a debatable subject. 

2. Five sources must be used for this project.  

3. The sources to be used are databases, print books, and e-books. Databases are the preferred source.

4.  Recommended databases are: Academic Search Complete, Issues and Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, and Points of View Reference.

5. Use APA or MLA format for the annotated bibliography.

6.  Refer to your instructor's guidelines for creating your annotated bibliography.

Definition of Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography is a short evaluation of a source(s) from your perspective.  Ask yourself if you can use the source for your paper.  Why or why not?

Included in the annotated bibliography are:

Summary: A short summary and evaluation of resources used for the bibliography.

Consider some of these questions when writing your annotated bibliography summary:

*Who is the author and do they have credentials or other published works?

*Is the information factual and align with other works of same topic?

*Does the information seem like propaganda?

* Does the information align with your topic?

* Were scholarly or popular journals used for research?

*Do you want to incorporate or delete any resources you found for your subject?

Citation: Citation is providing proof of resources and acknowledgement to the author, editor or publisher of materials that you used in your annotated bibliography.  APA or MLA may be used to format your annotated bibliography.