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Sellersburg 3.0: Sellersburg Home

Student Success Center

Spring Semester will start with the Student Success Center available virtually, for the safety of Students, Faculty, and Staff.  Please check the Student Success Center Schedule for any changes and developments.

The Student Success Center provides

FREE tutoring services for Ivy Tech students

NO appointment is necessary

If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Student Success Center Coordinator: Tiffany Thieneman
812-246-3301 Ext. 4204

National Poetry Month

Mascot Promo video - Round 2

Round 1 victors take on new challengers. Which mascot will make it to the finals? 

Click here to vote



#1.  How do you communicate with a fish?



"You drop it a line."

#2.  How do dinosaurs decorate their kitchens?



"With rep-tiles!"

#3.  What do you call an angry pea?





#4.  Why did the orange lose the race?



"It ran out of juice..."

#5.  What did the buffalo say to his kid when he went to work?









#6.  What planet is like a circus?




"Saturn, it has three rings!"



#7.  Why did the lion eat a lightbulb?






"He wanted a light lunch."


Next Drawing April 14, 2021

Paul W. Ogle Library

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Algorithms of Oppression

Here for You

Some of Our Poetry History

National Poetry Month