Swank Online Video: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Swank movies can be shown in face-to-face classes, or linked in your Canvas IvyLearn class.

Yes, you can link to Swank movies using a direct link or using LMS code to embed the link in your class.

No, Ivy Tech does not have Public Performance Rights to Swank-licensed movies, which means you cannot show them at a club or event outside of an Ivy Tech class, even if the event is free or has an educational tie-in. However, you can give the link to people to watch outside of events on their own time.

To link a movie in your Canvas IvyLearn class, click the Share dropdown. Copy Direct Link will give you a direct link to share in your IvyLearn class. Copy LMS Link will give you a formatted link. Do not use the url in the address bar at the top of the screen, as this is not a stable or permanent link.

To ensure the audience of a movie being shown is covered by our licensing agreement, the Swank streaming portal is not intended to be used via screen sharing platforms, such as Zoom. Aside from licensing agreements, it is also impossible to ensure quality playback from the sharing platforms; while instructors may see normal playback, individual students will experience audio and video disruptions. Teachers/instructors should provide students with a Direct Link to view the movie on their individual devices to ensure quality playback and use a virtual meeting application simultaneously for class discussion.

If captions are available, the closed captions symbol (CC) will appear next to the run time on the movie play page. Access captions by clicking the three dot menu icon in the bottom, right corner of the play window and selecting English from the Subtitle (CC) menu.