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A list of streaming videos licensed statewide and how to access them.

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What are these streaming videos?

Swank Motion Pictures handles licensing of streaming versions of motion pictures from most major as well as independent studios.

Who can use them?

All videos licensed by Ivy Tech Community College are available for any Ivy Tech faculty member, at any campus to use.

How can these be used?

These videos may be posted within BlackBoard or shown in class only for a course for which the film is a part of the curriculum.

Can I show these in class?

As long as they are a part of the course's curriculum, you may show these in a classroom setting.

Can these be used for student clubs, etc?

No. These are licensed only for use in an official classroom setting associated with a course (face-to-face or online).

What if they were licensed by another Ivy Tech campus?

Swank treats Ivy Tech as a single institution, so any title licensed by any of Ivy Tech's regions will also be available for the rest of the Ivy Tech system to use for the duration of the license.

How do I access them?

To ensure compliance with licensing restrictions, links to view videos must be posted exclusively within BlackBoard. Please contact Tony Toon or your region's library to request a link to embed within BlackBoard.

What are the the software requirements to view the videos?

Swank streaming videos can be viewed on a PC or Mac with Microsoft Silverlight installed. If it is not already installed, the user will be prompted to install Silverlight the first time they try to view a video.

The user will also want a high-speed internet connection (minimum 1Mbps download) to avoid delays or excessively long buffering times during playback.

Can the videos be viewed on a mobile device such as iPad or a smartphone?

Video playback requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, which is not available for mobile devices at this time.

Current List of Licensed Titles

The following titles have been licensed by Ivy Tech and are available in streaming format for faculty to embed within BlackBoard. Please contact Tony Toon or your region's library for the URL to embed within BlackBoard.

Title Expiration Date
A Civil Action 10/06/2015
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 10/06/2015

Requesting New Titles

If you want to request that a streaming title be licensed for use with your classes, please contact your region's library @

Titles may be licensed for one semester or one year periods.

The catalog of titles available from Swank is located here: Swank Digital Campus