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Edible Book Festival - Fort Wayne: Home

When: April 6th, 2020. Register by March 27th, 2020.



What is the Edible Book Festival?

The International Edible Book Festival unites bibliophiles, book artists, and food lovers across the world. It is a yearly event that takes place on or around April 1st throughout the world. Participants create edible books that are exhibited, and then consumed by festival attendees. They show off their culinary creativity by making a dish based on a book or a pun of a book title. The first Edible Book Festival was created by Judith A. Hoffberg and Beatrice Coron in 2000, and has since been celebrated by libraries, bookstores, and other book lovers in over a dozen countries. Many of our entries are made by Ivy Tech Hospitality students. We also have entries from local businesses and food artists. The Ivy Tech Library encourages you to register to create an entry or to just come and enjoy the awesome edible art.

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