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What is Plagiarism?

Words related to plagiarism and citation


the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
synonyms:  copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing

Plagiarism Game

Want to have some fun learning about plagiarism?  Try this plagiarism game, Goblin Threat, from Lycoming College.

Opening page of Goblin Threat game

Ivy Tech Student Code

According to the Ivy Tech Community College Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, PLAGIARISM is “presenting within one’s own work the ideas, representations, or words of another person without customary and proper acknowledgement of that person’s authorship.  Students who are unsure of what constitutes plagiarism should consult with their instructors.  Claims of ignorance will not necessarily excuse the offense.”

Learn more in the Student Guide to Plagiarism & Copyright below.

Cover of Student Guide to Plagiarism & Copyright


One way to avoid plagiarism is to give credit to the original authors whose IDEAS you use in your writing. There are several documentation and citation styles you can use. Check with your teacher to make sure you are using the correct documentation style.

MLA Citation

APA Citation

What are the Consequences of Plagiarism?

The consequences of plagiarism could be severe and could lead to failing the class. If you fail the class, you will not receive college credit for that course!

According to the Ivy Tech Community College Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the college "views any act of academic dishonesty or unprofessional behavior as a serious offense requiring disciplinary measures, including failure for the exam or specific course work, course failure, removal from an academic program, suspension, and expulsion from the college.  In addition, an act of academic dishonesty may have unforeseen effects and lead to a formal process outside the college."

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