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English 111-Columbus: Home

General research guide for all regional 111 classes.

About This Guide

This research guide is designed to help students taking English 111 locate, evaluate, and incorporate reliable informational resources into their course assignments.  The University Library of Columbus provides access to both physical (print books, magazines, DVD's, etc.) and electronic (article databases, e-books, etc.) material.  This guide primarily focuses on demonstrating how to navigate our rich collection of electronically available material, which you will be able to do from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection.  However, it is important to remember that as Ivy Tech-Columbus students, you have access to our physical library as well. The library not only provides access to print and audio-visual material, but contains dozens of computer workspaces, quiet study rooms, and professional librarians to assist you with any research questions you might have. 

This guide is organized (by the tabs at the top of the page) into the following categories:

  • Online Reference Resources
  • Article and E-book Databases
  • Searching the Catalog for Print Books
  • Evaluating Websites and Other Online Material
  • Other Resources

Accessing The Online Library

All of the electronic (online) resources made available through the University Library of Columbus are accessible 24/7 through either Campus Connect or Blackboard.  When you log in through either of these portals, just follow the library tabs/links which will take you to the Columbus Library homepage. Please see the attached handout for detailed instructions.  *Note that the instructions for accessing the library through Campus Connect will also work if you log in through Blackboard.