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Books on Health Information Technology and Public Aspects of Medicine

If you don't already know the author or title, begin searching for books by using the key words of your topic. When you find a book you like, examine the subject tags in its catalog record, and use these to find other books. Subject searches will give you the best results. Some general subject tags for health information technology are:

  • Medical informatics
  • Nosology--Code numbers
  • Public health administration--Data processing
  • Health services administration--Data processing

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Sample Books on Theory

Health Information Technology and Management

By Richard Gartee

Fort Wayne General Collection, R 864 .G374 2011

Management Principles for Health Professionals, Sixth Edition

By Joan Gratto Liebler and Charles R. McConnell

Skillsoft Ebook

Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach

By Leiyu Shi, DrPH, MBA, MPA; and Douglas A. Singh, PhD, MBA

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 395 .A3 S485 2015

Basic Statistics: A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences

Presents relevant, up-to-date coverage of research methodology using careful explanations of basic statistics and how they are used to address practical problems that arise in medical and public health settings.

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 409 .D87 2009

Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care

Analytics will be a required competency for the modern health enterprise ... this essential book equips business leaders with little-to-no experience in analytics to understand how to incorporate analytics as a cornerstone of their 21st century competitive business strategy

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 971 .B87 2013 and Ebook Central

Global Health and Global Health Ethics

How are global health challenges intimately linked to the global political economy and to issues of social justice? What are our responsibilities and how can we improve global health? Offering a wealth of empirical data and both practical and theoretical guidance, this is a key resource for bioethicists, public health practitioners and philosophers.

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 441 .G566 2011 and Ebook Central

The Handbook of Environmental Health

Environmental issues pose health problems. This Handbook defines the most commonly used terms, clearly explained for any student to learn and understand. Then each chapter tackles a different issue, outlining its scientific concepts and relating it to our health, with case studies or scenarios to bring the concepts to life.

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 566.22 .S64 2013 and Ebook Central

HIT or Miss: Lessons Learned from Health Information Technology Implementations

The second edition of HIT or Miss: Lessons Learned from Health Information Technology Implementations, combines the 17 case studies, from the first edition which highlighted specific failures in health information technology projects, with 17 new cases-including examples of hospitals and practices pursuing Meaningful Use objectives. Each case provides analysis by an author who was involved in the project plus the insight of a HIT expert.

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 970 .L394 2013

Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology

Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology unravels the mysteries of HIS by breaking these technologies down to their component parts, while articulating intricate concepts clearly and carefully in simple, reader-friendly language. The book provides a thorough yet unintimidating introduction to this complex and fascinating field.

Skillsoft Ebook

Medical Billing and Coding for Dummies

Your complete guide to a career in medical billing and coding, updated with the latest changes in the ICD-10 and PPS This fully updated second edition of Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies provides readers with a complete overview of what to expect and how to succeed in a career in medical billing and coding.

Ebook Central and Skillsoft Ebook

Careers in Health Information Technology

This practical, one-stop career guide describes the depth and breadth of job opportunities and careers currently available in health information technology (HIT), and helps readers to enter and advance within this expanding field. The book describes quickest-route pathways for careers that require advanced training and professional associations that provide important information and resources. Presents an international perspective on HIT career development and the future of HIT careers from industry experts

Ebook Central and EBSCO Ebooks

Patient Privacy, Consent, and Identity Management in Health Information Exchange

This report from the RAND Corporation identifies gaps in research, policy, and practice involving patient privacy, consent, and identity management that need to be addressed to improve the quality and efficiency of care through health information exchanges.

Ebook Central

The Strategic Application of Information Technology in Health Care Organizations

Explores the link between overall strategy and information technology strategy through case studies, covering organizational capabilities such as change management and a wide range of IT strategy issues. Plus emerging trends including personalized medicine, service-oriented architecture, ramifications of changing care delivery models, and the IT strategies necessary to support public health.

Fort Wayne General Collection RA 971.6 .G56 2011 also Ebook Central and Skillsoft Ebook

Medical Informatics: An Executive Primer

This third edition of HIMSS' award-winning, bestseller explores how clinicians, patients, and health IT stakeholders are collaborating to support high-value care through health IT through case studies. 

Ebook Central

Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management

By Karen A. Wager, Frances Wickham Lee, John P. Glaser 

Fort Wayne General Collection R 858 .W34 2013 also Ebook Central and Skillsoft Ebook

Your Project Management Coach

This pragmatic book takes you through a full project management lifecycle. You'll find ample tips, tricks, and best practices -- all richly illustrated with real case studies. Each topic in the book is mapped to the exam topics of the PMP#65533 Certification Exam so it can be used for test prep. The book's companion website offers downloadable forms, templates, and checklists. 

Skillsoft Ebook

Sample Books on practice