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MEAS 242: Disease Conditions - Indianapolis

Diseases & Disorders

The list of diseases below is organized by body/organ system and is NOT a complete list.  You can use this list to help in selecting a disease or disorder for your research paper topic. All the links go to the Credo Reference database found in the library's A-Z List of Resources

This list does not include the numerous types of cancers that affect the human body.  A list of cancer types can be found at the National Cancer Institute

Search These Library E-Reference Sources

Trusted Websites

The links below provide access to trusted online resources for information on diseases and conditions: 

Books at the Lawrence Campus Library

The following books can be found in the general collection of the Lawrence Campus Library and can be checked out for a two-week loan period:

Omnigraphics Health Reference Series

The Health Reference Series provides comprehensive coverage on a number of diseases and disorders. One of the key features of this series is the broad scope of information offered in each volume. Each volume pulls together a wide variety of articles from authoritative sources to inform and educate readers about the disease or disorder and how to cope with the medical condition.

The library owns many of the titles in this valuable series in both print and or electronically.  Below are the current titles found in our catalog: 


Books in the Lawrence Library