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MEAS 242: Disease Conditions - Indianapolis

PowerPoint Presentation

Medical terminology is complicated, which can be problematic for patients who need to understand how to manage their disease or their medication regimen.  Medical professionals must be able to rephrase difficult terms or explain them to their patients using lay or plain language.

Part of your research assignment is to create a patient education presentation for your selected disease topic. 

  • Your presentation will be created using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The slides in your presentation should use lay (or plain) language rather than medical terminology. 
  • Slides should include colorful pictures and instructions.

How to Access PowerPoint

All current Ivy Tech students have access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes the PowerPoint software application.  Microsoft Office 365 is installed on all campus computers. 

All current Ivy Tech students may download and install Microsoft Office 365 on their personal devices (Windows or Mac) at no charge.  

Microsoft Office 365 is available at

Click here for step-by-step instructions to install Microsoft Office 365 on a Windows computer.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to install Microsoft Office 365 on a Mac computer.

Power Point Resources





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