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NRSG 115 - Culture Presentation Project

General Resources for NRSG 115 Culture Project

This guide is created for the Nursing 115 Culture Project. Use the links at the left to explore general resources for the project including: 

  • Electronic Books
  • Sample Keywords
  • Articles from library databases
  • Web Resources
  • PowerPoint and presentation resources
  • Citation Resources

The rest of the pages on this guide contain websites and articles from library databases to help you get started with researching your culture topic. 

Presentation Requirements

From your NRSG 115 Project description, the culture presentation should include: 

  • Background: why the group migrated to the US, economic factors, religion, education, occupation, military experience, residence, gender issues, immigration issues, communication, temporal relationships (time), format for names
  • Family Dynamics: head of household, who makes decisions, gender roles, child bearing/rearing practices, goals & priorities, alternate lifestyles
  • Folk and Traditional Healthcare: high risk behaviors, healthcare practices
  • Values and Beliefs: death rituals, spirituality, religion, healthcare beliefs/behaviors. barriers to healthcare, cultural beliefs, practices, restrictions
  • Food and Nutrition: meaning of food, common foods and rituals, dietary practices for health promotion, deficiencies and limitations
  • Common health problems r/t biology, lifestyle, nutrition, beliefs
  • Nursing considerations; things we as nurses need to consider to provide culturally competent care