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TEAS Resource Guide - South Bend-Elkhart

Find study resources here!

Welcome to our TEAS Resource Guide!

In this guide, you'll find resources to help you prepare for the TEAS.

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Nursing Department Email:

Scheduling your TEAS exam

Click below to schedule your exam:

Currently, all TEAS exam appointments are remote & only open to Ivy Tech students

Need help scheduling? Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.


Testing Deadlines (These dates will not change and will be consistent from year to year)


Test Deadline Date

Application Deadline


April 30

May 15


September 30

October 15


January 15

February 1


How to schedule your TEAS exam

STEP 1: Create an account on ATI Testing (if you haven't already)

Before scheduling your exam through Ivy Tech's CASS, follow the instructions in the handout below to create an account on*

*Be sure to add your birth date and Ivy Tech C# (without the dash after the C) so that your test scores migrate to Ivy Tech’s  system
*DO NOT schedule your TEAS exam through ATI—only make a user account!

 Click the link below for detailed instructions 

STEP 2: Schedule your TEAS exam through CASS 

Log into CASS using your Ivy Tech username and password, and follow the instructions in the handout below to schedule and pay for your TEAS exam!

 Click the link below for detailed instructions