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Drift Magazine

Thank you to everyone that submitted work for the first edition of Drift Magainze! 

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We appreciate any feedback or comments - Let us know what you think. 

Drift Feedback Form

The title of the publication is inspired by the geogrpahy of the Northwest Indiana landscape. The Valparaiso Moranie forms a huge U share around southern Lake Michigan and Curves through northeast Lake, Poter, and LaPorte counties. The land was formed by a receding glacier, where the glacier stopped, till and sand were deposited creating the hills and drifts of the moranie. 

Contributors to the 2023 Issue: 

Alaric D. Romsaithong John Gross Richard Casler
Ashley Marcek Maria Ramos Sean Phillips
Corgha Morgan Marijo Proud Taylor JoAnn Tice
Gordon Stamper Mauricio Morin Selma Szot
Heather Ayres Melissa Buynak Lesli Mikenas
Hillary Schackmuth Olivia Garcia Brandon Pardo
Dan Mohamed