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Tutoring is OPEN with Virtual Hours!*  


Monday through Friday:           9:00AM until 7:00PM 
Saturday:                                  9:00AM until 2:00PM 


Monday through Thursday:      9:00AM until 5:00PM 
Friday:                                    10:00AM until 4:00PM 


Go to and Join Room 9799871194.  We take virtual drop-in appointments.  However, appointments receive priority for availability. You can schedule your appointment through IvyAdvising,, or  

*Schedule is subject to change. Hours for intersession and breaks vary from normal tern hours.  While we have hours on campus, those hours vary from the virtual schedule.  

Tutoring at Valparaiso and Michigan City

Tutoring Services at Ivy Tech Valparaiso

Tutoring is the Smart Thing to Do — and its FREE!
"Ivy Tech Community College offers free tutoring services to any student currently enrolled at Ivy Tech. Our mission is to foster active learning in an open and friendly environment. The academic support we provide leads to greater success and higher achievement for our students." (


In fact, studies have shown that students who regularly attend tutoring sessions do better in their coursework. Through tutoring, students receive more individualized attention than can be given in a classroom session. Additionally, even group tutoring sessions allow students to practice the skills and concepts learned in class in a low stakes environment. Tutoring and SI sessions help with other important skills such as strengthened comprehension, motivation, self-esteem, and personal responsibility. Students learn better study habits, engage in independent practice, and learn to think critically. 

• Tutors will help you understand the concepts of your homework, but they will NOT do your homework for you.  
• Tutors help students develop independent learning strategies.
• Tutors do not teach class material. If you have missed a class, contact your instructor. 
• Tutors cannot assist with quizzes and tests in any form, including take-home quizzes and tests.  


What is Tutoring?

Using the clues, read the box, Benefits of Tutoring (on this page), to identify the specific words. Then, assemble the answer from those words. Once the question has its answer, record your answer.

Clues: P=paragraph number W=word number in paragraph.





 P1 W1 

 P1 W10

 P2 W5 

 P2 W38 

 P2 W34 

 P1 W35 

 P2 W12

 P2 W42

Unscramble the phrase 

Benefits of Tutoring


     Tutoring is free to Ivy Tech students and staff. Students benefit in a number of ways: receiving assistance in understanding course specific problems and principles, learning collegiate study skills, and finding others to relate to while coping with their studies.

     The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves—to assist and guide them to the point at which they become independent learners. Additionally, students who start early with tutoring and receive the support that they need are likely to succeed.