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Industry Reports from Business Source Complete

Industry Reports, covering trends beyond the positions of individual companies, are generally produced by research firms for subscribers or purchase. You can find them in our database Business Source Complete

How To Find Industry Reports

You can enter key words for the industry in the top search box, but the easiest way to get these reports is to put in the NAICS number for your industry, which can be found with an easy keyword search at:

In either case, in the Business Source Complete Advanced Search window, scroll down to Limit your results. Choose Industry Profile, then enter the six-digit NAICS Industry Code if you have it. For automotive repair it is 811111.

Click the Search button at the bottom of the page, and a list of results will be generated. Choose the latest Industry Report. This reports the number of employers and employees nationwide and by state, and gives predictions of industry growth. It is not about individual companies.