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Disability Support Services - Kokomo, Peru, Logansport, Rochester: Current Students

Tutoring for Kokomo Region

Tutoring for students in Kokomo Region is available at the following sites:

Kokomo Main Building LRC/Library - M507/M509

Logansport Site LRC/Library - L234

Students are invited to visit the LRC for current tutoring information.

Hours and Locations for Kokomo and Logansport


Assessment Center and Online Testing

Appointment Scheduling Instructions

NOTE: Students need to make appointments and indicate that it is a DSS session. This will reserve a hold on the appointment time if the instructor has not submitted test information and proctor form. Please be sure to discuss testing details with your instructor.

Click on the following link to select your campus from the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen for testing locations, hours of operation, and contact information: Ivy Tech Testing Services

For information regarding proctored exams for online courses, please click HERE for more detailed instructions.

Student Help Center

A place to get answers to all your questions regarding:

  • Admissions/Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Account Information
  • Technical Help


Returning DSS Student Request for Accommodations and/or Services

Returning DSS Student Request for Accommodations and/or Services

Ivy Tech Community College offers Disability Support Services (DSS) to any qualified student with a disability who requests such services.  It is each student's responsibility to request these services each semester.  To best serve students, Disability Support Services staff recommend students registered with the DSS office log onto their MyIvy account, go to Student Dashboard, and select Disability Accommodation Request. Select "student" as user, then select "accommodations." This will bring you to a drop-down list. From the list, select "Semester Request." Follow the prompts.

This request informs staff of what accommodations the student wants applied to which classes for the semester. Staff will send notification to the student and the instructor(s) by Ivy Tech email that signatures are required on the accommodations letter.

Follow these steps to request your approved accommodations or services:

  • Schedule an appointment with the DSS lead(s) if you are requesting use of any new services or any of the following services:
    • Alternative format textbooks (please see the AFT tab on this guide for more detailed information)
    • Interpreting and captioning
    • Note-taking
    • Reader/Scribe services
    • VR approved tutoring
    • Adaptive technology
  • Watch your Ivy Tech email for "Notification of Signature Required".
  • Student will discuss implementation of accommodations with their instructor(s)
  • Students transitioning to another institution can request to share documentation on file with DSS by completing and submitting an Information Exchange Authorization form

General Complaint Procedure

When a student believes he/she has a legitimate general complaint against the college, faculty, or staff, he/she should make an appointment with that individual to discuss the matter. This process must be initiated within fourteen (14) calendar days of the incident. The student and the college, faculty, or staff should make every effort to resolve this issue. It is expected that most, if not all, misunderstandings be resolved at this level.

If the issue is not resolved the student can express his/her complaint in writing to the individual’s supervisor. Once the student has submitted his/her complaint in writing with the individual’s supervisor, if the issue is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction the student may submit his/her complaint, in writing, to the Chief Students Affairs Officer or designee.

The Chief Student Affairs Officer or designee will attempt to resolve the complaint or determine a course of action, if appropriate. If the student disagrees with the outcome of his/her complaint, then he/she may submit his/her complaint in writing to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will review and attempt to resolve the complaint and determine the next course of action. Any decision or action deemed appropriate by the Chancellor is final.