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Disability Support Services - Kokomo, Peru, Logansport, Rochester: Prospective Students & Parents

New DSS Student Registration

If you are a student with a disability, the office of Disability Support Services at Ivy Tech Community College is here to assist you.  Registration with Disability Support Services (DSS) is a separate process from applying for admission to Ivy Tech Community College.  In order to be considered for accommodation(s) through DSS, students must follow the DSS Registration Process.

DSS Registration Process *

  • Student makes appointment to meet with DSS representative.
  • Student completes DSS Registration and Intake Form.
  • Student and DSS representative discuss eligibility under DSS guidelines and the accommodations process.
  • Student provides documentation of disability according to DSS guidelines. Documentation guidelines should be presented to the student's physician/psychologist.  Documentation is returned to DSS in a sealed envelope or sent by fax.
  • Documentation will be reviewed. Student schedules an intake interview with DSS representative once documentation is received.  DSS will email letter of eligibility to the student's Ivy Tech email, acknowledging eligibility status and approved accommodations.

*Registration with the DSS office is separate from admittance to Ivy Tech Community College; students need not receive Social Security Disability to register with the DSS office.

To best serve students, the DSS office recommends students begin the eligibility process thirty business days prior to the beginning of the semester as the process to accommodate can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Students may authorize the College to exchange information regarding their disability, academic progress, and other relevant information with individuals, offices or agencies, internal and external to the College. Please fill out the DSS Information Exchange Authorization Form. Once completed, the form may be taken to the high school that was attended.


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