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Nursing & Health Resources - Kokomo & Logansport: Articles

Browse Full-Text Nursing Titles

You can use Publication Finder to find the titles that are available full-text in one or more of our periodical indexes.  This can give you an overview of what is available or direct you to the correct database to search, if you have a specific periodical title or article you are looking for.  This can also be used to simply browse a particular magazine or journal.

If, however, you want to do a search for article on a specific subject, then you should not use this database, but rather one of the databases listed on this page.

Databases with Articles

Most of the library's journal titles are online and available 24X7 via the Virtual Library.  We subscribe to over a thousand medical titles and approximately 200 titles dealing specifically with nursing.  The following links will take you to library databases as well as some free public databases that contain periodicals and journals that support research in this area.

Individual Periodicals