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Disability Awareness

*Each of the videos on this Library Guide is equipped with closed captioning. Click on "CC" or the settings button to turn on the closed captioning.

Diversity at Ivy Tech

A basic understanding of disability etiquette can help make everyone feel more comfortable when interacting with colleagues with disabilities and can help prevent awkward situations. Disability etiquette refers to respectful communication and interaction with people who have disabilities.


Pierre Malone is a student at Ivy Tech Kokomo and has been involved with the DSS and vocational rehab for a couple of years. He is currently majoring in business administration and plans to graduate in 2021. Mr. Malone has served in the United States Marine Corps combat service and is a veteran of the Operation Desert Storm. During his service, Mr. Malone was in a self-propelled artillery, which caused loss of hearing in one ear. Mr. Malone was interviewed by Ivy Tech student Jocelyn Reyes so he could share his experiences and allow others to gain more insight about the DSS program at Ivy Tech.