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Statistical Websites

Use the following sources to find more specific statistical data.

Administration on Aging Statistics
Contains statistical information on the older population (persons over 65 years of age) in the United States.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Contains statistical information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Contains statistical information on inflation, wages, productivity, occupations, business costs, industrial safety, demographics, statistical and geographic information about labor economics.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Contains statistical information on transportation data across every mode of transportation.
Contains statistical information detailing the wellbeing of children in the United States.

Contains quick, frequently asked tidbits of health information, such as the number of overweight people in the United States, life expectancy, teen pregnancy, prevalence of cancer, and more.

 FBI Reports and Publications
Contains links to Uniform Crime Report statistics and reports on hate crimes, financial crime, gangs, terrorism, and law enforcement technology. 

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
Contains current monthly economic statistics for most of the countries and areas of the world.

National Center for Education Statistics
Contains statistical information on all levels of U.S. education - early childhood, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary.

National Center for Health Statistics
Contains Statistical information on related health information, including aging, births, deaths, disease, and health care.

current and historic information on U.S. business, economic, and trade data from federal agencies.

TradeStats Express
Contains the latest annual trade data from the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis (OTEA).

U.S. Census Bureau
Contains statistical and demographic information about the United States population. Based on the 2000 census.

USDA Agricultural Statistics
Contains statistics on domestic production of livestock and crops including brief trade data.

Vital Statistics of the United States
Contains statistical information on natality, mortality, marriage, and divorce from 1937 to the present.


Indiana Statistics

Hoosiers by the Numbers Your source for workforce data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Indiana Health Statistics -- Links provided by IUPUI's University Library

National Center for Education Statistics

Stats Indiana -- Indiana Business Resource Center, Indiana University

SAVI -- Social Assets and Vulnerabilities Indicators database and mapping software for Central Indiana

Historical Statistics on the Web


World Bank

Social Statistics - International