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Economics -Indianapolis

ECON 101: Possible Research Topics


  • Environmental issues
  • Utility and gas costs
  • Healthcare debate and Federal stimulus funds
  • Bank failures and profits
  • Sub-prime mortgage crisis
  • Military spending
  • Current or historical economic booms and recessions


ECON 201: Possible topics

 1. Fiscal policy
     Subtopics:  Keynesian Economics
                     Supply-sde Economics
                     Economic Stability and Growth
                     Economic Policies of Presidential Administrations
                     Spending and Taxation
                     Federal Budget and National Debt
 2. Great Depression
 3. Recessions
 4. Boom times
 5. Money and Banking
     Subtopics:  Federal Reserve System
                      Banking and loans
                      Money Supply
6. International Economics
    Subtopics:  International Trade
                     International Trade Restrictions
                     Foreign Exchange Market
                     Effects of Foreign Exchange
7.  The Internet and Macroeconomics
8.  Economics of Social Security