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IVYT - Bloomington

Transfer Information

Ivy Tech Resources

  • Save thousands of dollars by starting your education at Ivy Tech and transferring your credits to a 4-year college or university.  Ivy Tech has more than 100 programs that can transfer to both in- and out-of-state colleges and universities.  For more information, see Transfer Opportunities.
  • A transcript is another word for your permanent academic record. This record will include a list of all courses taken, the grades you received, your semester grade point average (GPA), your cumulative GPA, and any degrees you have completed.  Your unofficial transcript can be seen in MyIvy, but you will need an official transcript from the Registrar if you are planning to transfer.  For more information, see Ivy Tech Transcripts.

Transfer in Indiana

  • The Indiana Commission for Higher Education maintains a comprehensive website covering all aspects of the transfer procedure to and from colleges and universities in Indiana.  This website also includes information on AP classes, dual credit, and early college.  Explore this website at
  • You may be able to transfer military experience to your degree or major.  For details, see TransferIN Military Experience.
  • View a map of where Indiana's public and private colleges are located and get details on each institution at TransferIN Indiana Colleges and Universities.
  • Find out which credits you can transfer using Indiana's core transfer library at TransferIN Core Transfer Library.